Tuesday, 23 June 2009


New papers I have written recently are in New Zealand Lawyer Issue 108 20 March 2009 and New Zealand Law Journal Schemes of Arrangement under the new Insolvency Act 2009 [NZLJ] 47. The first is also athttp://www.newzealandlawyer.co.nz/Archives/Issue108/108N3/tabid/1641/Default.aspx

Swine Flu

Waiting for the plague (after Cavafy)

Why are we gathering the young and old,

Sealing the doors and windows,

Cleaning and sterilising the parts we never usually touch?

It is the plague

The wind of disease is about to sweep through the city

Leaving piles of dead and the howls of survivors

Why are our leaders gathering

Their faces solemn and dark

They are calling the experts and the doctors and the civil servants

Meetings are called and dire forecasts mournfully read

Coffins are counted and medicines hoarded

Plans and advice are freely spread

The schools are closing and the factories grind down

The rich flee to their holiday homes and the politicians find excuses to travel away

The bourgeois huddle anxiously (but not too close)

The bars carry a higher pitch of anxiety

But the people cough and then so many miracles

The plague passes and there are no dead

Why were we waiting to die?

The plague, it was a kind of reason to exist

A frisson of excitement instead of collapsing banks

We cannot die from running out of money

But the plague would be a kind of solution