Friday, 28 August 2009

Boring law

My children all consider my profession very boring-at least in part because I do not tell them much about what I am doing out of the habit of keeping confidentiality. Much of the human interest is taken away for them But, there are some ares of law that make my eyes glaze over, just as my children react. Tax is not one of those because there are often stories of human striving or great failures or even audacity and immense greed. These extremes provide a moment of jawdropping surprise or a great laugh.
What leaves me cold are those esoteric examinations of the fine details of resource management law as applied to competing supermarkets seeking to exclude the other from a site. Town planning now sounds a bit perjorative, even Stalinist. If we describe it as resource management then it sounds as though we are being wise custodians of the planet. But what ordinary citizen cares about the location of a supermarket or petrol station, save in terms of their own convenience? How is this "saving the planet"? The judges inflicted with these applications must feel like telling the parties to pick up their toys and go away.

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