Monday, 19 October 2009

Construction Law Seminar

On Friday I attended the Society of Construction Law seminar on "Delays in Construction Contracts". The society has not previously run a full-day conference, but this was an outstanding success. The detail and work, and quality of the presenters and their papers thorough and very useful. The topic may sound arid, but delay means money. The methodology of calculating that claim is however a somewhat more complex than just making a money adjustment. The first speaker was from a very large construction company who gave a more general overview of the potential issues which arose from delay. Further speakers talked about the software used for programming, how certifiers should rule on claims for delay, the knotty issue of conditions precedent, the distinction between acceleration and expedition, owners rights for compensation with an emphasis on liquidated damages, and on entitlement to payment from a contractors view. Overall it was an interesting day and set a precedent which I hope the society will keep to.

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