Tuesday, 12 January 2010


To be consistent with established journalists lack of energy in the New Year I should, rather than write something new, just pull out something from 2009 and give it a retread. I thought about some of the silliness from the Sensible Sentencing fanatics, but that just turns my stomach. Instead I will talk about books and Kindles. You reach a stage in life where you become overwhelmed by books. Most of mine are still in storage, but even here they are piling up by my bed and overflowing the inadequate bookcases. Some would suggest that i should sell the unwanted but i am constitutionally unable to do this for most. I have no problem with law books which are out of date, but everything else I keep. And I don't buy many law books anyway. This decade may bring the answer with e book readers. I would be tempted by the Kindle, but it is not supported in New Zealand. The real use for gadgets like the Kindle is in court, where the entire case can be reduced to e book format and my law files could be swapped between my desktop and the Kindle. They would need to be added to, of course which would require the facility to add new pages from the letters and other documents coming in. And it would need a really good indexing system. Suddenly all of the paper in my office would disappear! Why doesn't anyone design a system like this? You saw the idea here first.

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