Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Law Commission and Liquor

I have previously commented on the Law Commission and the report on sale of liquor. Apparently the long awaited report is due any day now and will make sweeping recommendations about the great wave of liquor which is washing over the country, destroying all in its way. Or so many of the submitters will be saying. Apart from my serious reservations about jurisdiction, that a law reform organisation is writing about social policy, well outside of its purpose and function, I am wondering how much real empirical evidence will be provided to back up the statements. After the Legal Aid Review which attacked Manukau legal aid lawyers with no real evidence, I expect better from an organisation which recently completed a review of the law of evidence. I am confident that I will be disappointed. I will acknowledge this here if I am wrong but the leaks to date give me some fear that I am right.

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