Articles Published and Seminars Presented

1986 New Zealand Law Journal 389  - Mandatory Disqualification and Judicial Discretion
1988 New Zealand Law Journal 108  -  “Life Imprisonment and Murder”
1993 New Zealand Law Journal 149  -  “The Bankruptcy Notice”
2004 Indigenous Land Rights In New Zealand A paper presented to Winkler Partners and Wild At Heart. Taiwan at:
2007 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 6 -Use of Images and Copyright
2007 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 65 For the want of a section 21 schedule
2008 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 101 Judicial support for politeness
2008 New Zealand Law Journal Confidentiality in Arbitration 2008 [NZLJ] 359
2009 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 109 Court of Appeal resolves Construction Contracts Act conflict
2009 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 122 Reforming New Zealand’s drinking culture
2009 New Zealand Law Journal Insolvency Schemes under the New Insolvency Act 2009 [NZLJ] 47
2009 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 125, 13 November 2009 Payment schedules again
2010 New Zealand Lawyer Issue 127 Weathertight Homes
2010 New Zealand Lawyer Extra Edition 9 27 August 2010(online) More than just ‘the vibe’: When should an arbitrator or adjudicator recuse him or herself?
2010 New Zealand Lawyer Extra Edition 12 5 November 2010(online) The Pot of Gold-Insolvency Cross Border

Auckland District Law Society, Legal Practice Manual, Chapter on District Court procedure, Chapter on Company Liquidations, Chapter on High Court Procedure, and revisions
  • 1995 Presenter/Author CLE Seminar Bankruptcy Law, 1996 Presenter/Author CLE Seminar Company Liquidation
  • 1997 Joint Presenter/Author CLE Seminar Building Litigation Law,
  • Joint Presenter CLE Seminar General Practice-Problems in Debt Collection
  • Judge for NZLS Civil Litigation seminar 1998
  • 1999. Presenter ADLS Seminar Debt Collection
  • 2005 Presenter ADLS Seminar
  • 2007 Borrowing and Lending-Guarantees, Conflict of interest and Independent Advice
  • 2007 Presenter Lexis Nexis Seminar Commercial and Construction Dispute Resolution Conference Update on Construction Adjudication
  • Presenter paper 2009 AMINZ Conference Update on Construction Law
  • Presenter paper 2010 AMINZ Conference Recusal for Arbitrators and Adjudicators
  • Reporter New Zealand Law Reports 1989-1998
  • Contributing Editor Brookers District Court procedure 2007 to present